Most customers expect a seamless support experience across channels. Today, they would call. Tomorrow, they may start a live chat. On the next day, they would email or make a social media post or communicate via mobile messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

In an omnichannel experience, it is common for customers to interact with more than one agent as they move across channels, so every support staff needs the following:

  • Access to the customer’s profile
  • A view of past conversations the customer had
  • What the customer was doing before reaching out

ITGDN provide a seamless channel-to-channel experience for its customers, it must offer agents a unified interface with simplified workflows and context (the ability to view all open tickets, see customer contact preferences, make calls directly from the dashboard, start chat sessions, and review all channels a customer has used).

ITGDN also provides advanced functionalities for its administrators: robust analytics and reporting options, platform stability, and the ability to customize workflows.