3CJ One Box


3CJ is built by a team of experts familiar with the hotelindustry and technology application. The team has extensive experience in systemdesign and deployment of many international hotel management group.

3CJ develops and markets a full range of hotel application software to meet different business strategies and objectives ofthe hotel market. 3C team consults with the hotel customer about each individualneeds, offering tailored solutions to meet customer needs.

We will continue to lead the innovation of the next generation hotelapplications. We strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, helping them to increase their businessrevenue and reduce operational costs.

The 3CJ Unified solution is mainly aimed at the hotel's communication andmanagement requirements. Combining VoIP technology, intelligent building, HD video communication, hotel assets management, 3CJ provides a full unified integrated solution.


Multi-functional communications

Through this system, a hotel can realize the wired, wireless, voice, data, video and other communication function. Apart from externalvoice communication, 3CJ enables network business interconnection covering the room-to-room, room-to-LAN, room-to-meeting room.

Expandable platform

OneBox as the hotel information data exchange hub, it seamlessly integrates with the communication subsystem and other business subsystem thus formatting a hotel application platform in a fully automated manner. The interaction and communication between each subsystem are controlled and forwarded by OneBox, creating a unified, centralized monitoring and management. 3CJ caters to different communication needs of customers and fulfills a large number of applications. In addition to high-end hotel markets, the system also has a powerful extension of performance, including the VOD, conference call and aOneTouch advertising system.

Rich Features

3CJ OneBox offers a full range functions, the SIP console auto-attendant, voice mail, telephone access control, mini bar, restaurant bill transfer and automatic wake-up . It offers hotels capture more businesses. In addition, 3CJ supports multi languages, making guests feel more at home through native language system interaction.