The Online E-commerce application provide the customers the following features:

Easy to start

Website, App, Menu, Outlet, Delivery Zone, and Payments all the setup done for you from start to accepting your first order.

Custom Branded Online Ordering

Build a lasting brand, get your own branded website & mobile app to accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation.

All Your Services In System

Accept orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation managed in one system, no need for multiple systems or 3rd party apps

Multi Outlets + Multi Brands

Setup and manage orders, reports and more for multiple outlets and brands.


POS systems, Accounting Systems, Beacons, Kiosks or anything that has an API. We've got you.

Highly Granular Workflow

Experience highly detailed UI/UX, Reports, Analytics, Rewards or any part of the system.


Indepth customer data, Total spend, avg cart, items bought, Rewards and more.

Notifications & SMS

Push notify your customers on promotions and updates. SMS your customers

Awesome Marketing Tools

Reward points; by total spend or based on items bought. Promo Code; award E Vouchers based on your marketing strategies, issue automatic birthday vouchers. Discounts; For customers who order in bulk.